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Trying to get the most out of your Honda tires? Unsure how to care for them? We’d love to help – so, we’re answering our frequently asked tire questions at Hall Honda Elizabeth City.  

What Kind of Tires Do I Need?  

It’s best to check your owner’s manual to determine the best tire for your vehicle or it can also be found on your driver’s side door jam. The different numbers on the tire tell you (in order):  

Service type – Width/Aspect ratio – Construction – RIM diameter – Load index – Speed rating  

How Much Tread Do I Really Need?  

While the legal minimum is 2/32 of an inch, experts have upped that recommendation. Most will say you need at least 4/32 of an inch. If you enter a quarter into your tread’s groove and you can still see the top of Washington’s head when it hits the bottom, your tires are too bare. 

How Often Do I Need Tire Maintenance?  

The biggest part of tire maintenance is routine tire rotations. On average, you should rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. However, it’s important to consult with our Honda technicians to determine the best schedule for your tires.  

What Is a Tire Rotation?  

A tire rotation involves changing your tires’ positions on your vehicle (wear patterns can vary). This is important to keep your tires from wearing unevenly. In fact, not regularly rotating your tires can void your tire warranty.  

How Long Do Tires Last?  

On average, tires last between five to six years, depending on how you care them. After six years, it’s important to have them inspected to ensure they’re still reliable.  

Still have questions? Need tire service? Contact our Honda dealership in Elizabeth City, NC – we’re happy to help!  

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